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Defination of photo upload

Defination of photo upload


Fri, 29 Dec 2006 13:35:03 +0000
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SixApart, WordPress and 37Signals Support OpenID; Why Not 1&1 and GoDaddy?

Wed, 07 Mar 2007 12:09:00 -0400

I've been reading a lot about OpenID, a free, decentralized framework for managing digital identities. You start with an URI (think of it as a master username) and store your password and other creditials with an OpenID provider. You can then log into any OpenID enabled service with your URI. The service will fetch whatever credentials it needs from your identity provider.

Simon Willison wrote a great post on cool things you can do with OpenID. My favorite is restricted single sign on. Simon suggested that if everyone in an organization had "" OpenIDs, all internal apps behind the firewall could be configured to grant automatic access to such users. This eliminates the hassle of creating/deleting accounts on each service for incoming/departing employees. Couldn't GoDaddy use a similar method to apply the same logins across its many services?

I'm also intrigued by Kai Hendry's comment that maybe OpenID can be used for brokering payments. This would allow access pass holders to view content, download songs, etc across multiple sites. Not that this technology isn't already available, but OpenID would save subscribers from having to keep track of different logins for different networks.

Anyway, Microsoft announced last month that it would make Windows Cardspace interoperable with OpenID. A couple of weeks later, AOL announced its support as well. SixApart is in (in fact, OpenID creator Brad Fitzpatrick also developed LiveJournal, and is SixApart's chief architect). And Digg. And ImageShack, WordPress, Technorati, SmugMug, 37Signals...

Recently I signed up for as my OpenID through FreeYourID (which I read about on TechCrunch). If nothing else, they managed to sell me a .name domain. My question is, why isn't 1&1 in this market as well?

Twitter is Misbehaving and I Blame Joyent! (Or, Hosting Providers as Venture Capitalists)

Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:25:00 -0400

Dave Young from Joyent recently blogged about Twitter's use of Joyent Accelerators. Accelerators are Solaris Containers on Sun Fire X4100s with Sun Fire X4500s (also known as "Thumpers") for storage. Joyent promises on-demand, no-leash computing and offers virtual servers for as little as $45/month (includes 256 MB RAM, 5 GB storage, 15 GB bandwidth). It sounds pretty cool - and check out the video of Dave and Jason on Sun's website!

The problem is, after reading Dave's post, I think of him every time Twitter is down. Which, as many of his readers pointed out, happens often. Dave says us complainers are missing the point. Twitter is growing like crazy! It serves 4,000+ requests per second! That's a lot - and Joyent helped get them there! Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Twitter users' demand seems to exceed its already-substantial capacity.

If I were Dave, I'd move Twitter to as many XXL Accelerator Sparcs as it takes. Having come a long way just doesn't make good enough PR fodder when you've got John Edwards live blogging from the campaign trail ("About to make remarks at the Int'l Assoc. of Firefighters. Then remarks at the Boilermakers conference.").

A few months ago, I was telling Steve Kahan over at The Planet that he ought to turn a couple of his sales reps into venture capitalists, of sorts. These folks would scan the customer database for major brand names as well as up and coming influencers. They'd proactively monitor these VIPs' infrastructure and offer free scalability advice and migration assistance. They'd set up an invitation-only beta program and strong arm Dell into providing test units of its latest gear. They'd research these customers' industries and make introductions if they come across people in similar markets...

More recently, RedMonk analyst James Governor suggested something much more radical. Forget that beta program; how about long-term loans for future movers and shakers? And instead of my idea of creating case studies out of The Planet's great working relationships with today's news-makers, take a great leap forward to the open source hardware business model. Put your tools in the hands of tomorrow's innovators. You need to do this quickly, because you're competing with Jeff Barr. In Joyent's case, I have no doubt that last part is true...

PS - It just occurred to me that SoftLayer, in particular, might have much to gain from being a patron to soon-to-be influencers. Softlayer announced a private meet me room a few weeks ago, where developers of different SoftLayer-hosted applications can interconnect without incurring bandwidth charges. So if someone's created a community that many others are eager to extend and/or leverage, wouldn't it be worthwhile for SoftLayer to make itself that community's home base?

PPS - Hosted Solutions, too! It's cool that they're spearheading the Carolina SaaS User Group, but I think what would really enhance their appeal is if they hosted the most-mash-upped apps.

Bluehost hosting offering unlimited storage space

Sun, 11 May 2008 18:42:21 +0000
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I'm quite happy that is short as this means I haven't had any big problem during
these months. Just 2 things to add to what I wrote in the past:

I've had seldom connectivity problems to our websites, I couldn't always check
if it was hostgator problem or other problem related to my connectivity but
sometimes it really looked like it was hostgator problem.

I'm just talking about few times for some minutes. Not really a problem for us.

The only really annoying thing it happened is that once one of our website
( has been discontinued because it loaded too much the server.
Generally speaking suspending a site because is loading too much the server
could even be a positive thing (you prevent the whole server sites to slow down
too much, you can have time to see if someone is "attacking" the server or the
site ecc.). What I'm complaining about is:

1) We received no warning about it, not before, not after the site was
suspended!!! We just realized it, wrote to support and got an answer after few

2) We received no details about the excessive load the server was experiencing
becasue of our site, no detail about where the problem could lie (too many sql
queries? too many hits? heavy php proccesses? ecc. ecc.) so as to understand
better if this could happen again and possibly how to solve the the problem.

All in all this leaves you with a scary impression: it just happened one time
but it could happen anytime not knowing why it happened (and why it stop

Having said that I still think hostgator provide a good service (that needs
improving though) and can confirm what I wrote in previous review.

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