Sunday, November 30, 2008

A synopsis on set up dedicated server

set up dedicated server Reviews & News

2. I run a static site and get under 500 visitors a day. Shared hosting is fine. Go dedicated or VPS if it grows a lot. Static is a lot easier on the server.

Protect Your Server with a Hardware Firewall

Fri, 28 Nov 2008 04:24:53 +0000
All of our managed servers come with a software firewall which can be manage from inside Web Host Manager (WHM). The firewall software is strong an robust enough to stop most threats to the server. The cost of the software is free and is updated almost daily with new ways to prevent hackers from accessing ...]

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Choosing between a dedicated servers and shared hosting brings up a lot of questions. Does your site need a dedicated server or is shared web hosting good enough? How can I tell? Should I save money or get a powerful server now? How much control will I have with each option? Today I will be answering these questions and hopefully helping to make the choice easy.

Bluehost vs. Hostmonster

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 17:17:15 +0000
Choosing between bluehost vs. hostmonster hosting is a really hard choice!
They are from the same hosting company, offering hosting services at 2 different brand and price. Both bluehost and hostmonster hosting offering the same hosting specification and features. They are using cpanel control panel with fastcgi and simplescripts, both offering live chat support, phone support ...]

The latest and most updated Hostican coupon & discount can be found at . Use the hostican coupon ” BestHosting-12 ” for $50 dollars discount and saving!

ICANN Welcomes Takeover of RegisterFly Data

Sun, 03 Jun 2007 04:29:32 +0000
News:Finds the process of GoDaddy’s take over of the entire 850,000 domain names held by RegisterFly better compared to seeking multiple participants.Read full story

12. If you have more than one domain to migrate, make sure you start the process with enough time to spare for the DNS update delays.

Today`s suggestion:

AN HOSTING, established in early 2001, has made a place for itself among the top
web hosts at quite a remarkable pace. The secret of its success is it being a
user oriented company and the packages provided by the company are planned so
well that all user segments find them useful. AN HOSTING has been recognized and
awarded the title of Best UNIX Web Hosting Company in July 2006, they provide a
minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee and in case they fail to meet this guarantee they
will provide with discounts and in some cases with a month of FREE service. In
addition to that they provide with free Domain Registration for Life, also a
unique feature- Free Ad Credit worth $105.

Statement from Web Hosting Provider

Within the next four years it would grow from a no-name company based out of a
small Chicago suburb to a multi-million dollar web hosting company. Now, even
with three offices in two countries, roughly 30 employees and thousands of
customers (in over a hundred countries,) AN Hosting has never forgotten its
roots as a startup.

We know that YOU are most likely coming from a bad hosting experience. We're
good at just one thing: keeping your website smiling ;-)

Hosting Plans and Features

They provide with a Mega Plan, which is an all inclusive plan. It allows one
person to host ten domain names in one account. It provides with 49 GB of Disk
Space, 999 GB of Bandwidth, it also provides with two thousand FTP accounts,
unlimited My SQL databases and unlimited email accounts, with a 30-Days Money
back guarantee. All this for Just $6.95 per month, with not hidden costs or

anhosting Customer Support

AN HOSTING provides a very well organized and user friendly customer support
program. If you like to help yourself and learn your stuff, they provide huge
knowledge base which has certain answers to almost all possible web hosting
related problems, also there is a section for FAQ�s, where one can find direct
answers to most common �getting started� queries. If you prefer someone to solve
the problems for you while you continue with your own job, you can get it touch
with the helpful and friendly AN HOSTING crew at any time of the day via support
tickets, live chat, emails or telephone.

Reliability and Security

AN HOSTING provides with a very comprehensive Privacy Statement, which includes
all sorts of condition and facilities as to meet the high standards of business.
They provide Cisco powered network, host all websites from Dual Core Dual
Operton Servers to provide Optimum Surfing Experience to your users. In addition
to that, they use SCSI, RAID 5 technology to meet the high standards of the
eCommerce sites.


To conclude I will personally recommend AN HOSTING, because they are
comparatively the best web hosting service providers in the class, with a very
good customer support system, reliable network and an excellent - on board -
technical team to overcome security and infrastructure related issues. At just
$6.95 per month, what else can you ask for.

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This composition on set up dedicated server was written with the purest intention of spreading information set up dedicated server. Let it retain its purity.

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