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Nothing, nothing is faster than c

Sat, 21 Jun 2008 23:22:55 +1000

Generally speaking, there is nothing — nothing faster than c. Obviously I am talking about the alphabet the symbolise the speed of light, rather than this ancient imperative programming language from the 70’s. Whether C, the programming language, is the fastest is truly debatable. However most network engineers would agree that you simply cannot transmit any information faster than light (unless you live in the science fiction world with Hyperspace or Warp drive).

Read an interesting blog post the other day on Network Distance — When Sydney is closer than Sao Paulo
, where it talks about how vulnerable long-haul Internet is. Extract from the post:

Let’s imagine a perfectly balanced world-wide network. You have a business based in San Francisco. Your people are in SF, your technology suppliers are in SF, most of your customers are in the United States. You have a small but growing customer base in Hong Kong and China. We have a perfect ‘net, so there are no silly congestion problems and there is just as much bandwidth across oceans as between cities. Rack space in HK is twice the price as in SF.

So what is the no-brainer place to put your next server farm, hire people to maintain it, set up office space, pay property and business taxes, etc? Correct. Hong Kong. No matter how good the internet gets it will never be faster than a small fraction of the speed of light.

Again it comes to my dilemma of hosting in Australia or overseas. Hosting a site at Fremont rather than Melbourne is much more economical to me at tolerable degrade of performance, but what if one of the cross-Pacific link gets cut due to an earthquake? How would that impact my site which 90% of visitors are from Australia?

It is also a reason why I would not use some of the hosts — there is nothing wrong with their service, but just their data centre location which makes them less-than-usable due to excessive latency. European providers for example — they are always 300+ ms from Sydney Australia. Earlier this year I was offered a beta Xen VPS testing account at Great performance, Gandi AI is actually very innovative, and a 256MB slice with 5mbps is only $7.50! However from Sydney to France takes route across Pacific, across America, across Atlantic, pass UK and then finally Frace at 350ms ping time…

I have also been sampling a Xen VPS from VPS Media this week (which a review will be up next week). Great value. Good network, and the company is doing everything right setting up a new hosting company with a strong community — but the servers are at Florida. From Sydney to Miami going through Verizon + Level3 fluctuates between 250ms-300ms on Saturday night. Better than Europe, but still feels laggy from those of us on the other side of Pacific.

I guess the worst experience this week would be connecting to a South African server during business hours. The company I worked for bought a South African software company late last year, and have sent down one engineer there to assist them with development. However that guy was on holiday this week, they have a demo on, and they couldn’t get the server to set up properly — so I ended up trying to remote access that South African server from Sydney Australia.

From Sydney to Durban is around 10,000km, which is less than from Sydney to Fremont of 11,900km. However for my packet to travel to Durban, it needs to take route across Pacific, across America, across Atlantic to Europe, and then come all the way down to Durban. 500ms. Yuk. Worse that it is a Windows box and I need to use Remote Desktop on it.

So the rule of thumb is to host as close to your market as possible, assume the rule of the wallet is not in effect…

Ruby on Rails

Thu, 03 May 2007 20:09:03 +0000
Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework that is optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity.
Rails works with a wealth of web servers and databases. For web server, we recommend Apache or lighttpd, running either FastCGI or SCGI, or Mongrel. For database, you can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or ...]


Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:00:57 EST
We are looking for someone who can do webdesign in general. Language Portuguese and English are crucial. Ideas for promotions.Most contact with clients will be by email. Work will be done from home most of time.

The 5-Minute Guide for Using Free Ecommerce Web Hosting

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 10:57:57 GMT
When you first start up your ecommerce site, you can probably get away with using free ecommerce web hosting. That way, you can get things up and running without additional overhead.

Outbound Sales Specialist

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 10:51:51 EST

  • Work directly with customers via telephone, and email to describe products and/or services in order to persuade potential and current customers to purchase new products and/or services
  • Educates customers on product offerings and services to improve their "on-line presence" and explains pricing and answers questions from customers building value in the customer relationship.
  • Follows up with customer via telephone or email following initial sales contact.
  • Identifies customer issues and provides appropriate solutions via up sell of additional products and or services and obtains customer commitment and facilitates delivery of product.
  • Places a minimum of 70 outbound calls each day
  • Consistently meets departmental sales goals of no less than $4,500 in monthly net revenue generated from sales activities while maintaining a satisfied customer rate of not less than 90% (less than 10% cancellation rate)
  • Continued product education to better service customer calls
  • Maintains accurate daily record of sales in sales tracker.
  • One or more years experience of Telesales in a high volume fast, paced environment
  • Strong customer service and telesales skills
  • Experienced with Web Based Applications and Windows
  • Good organizational skills and the ability to multi-task and prioritize in a high-volume, fast paced environment
  • Ability to manage sensitive and critical client information
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Problem solving and decision making skills
  • Superior closing skills

With just a little creativity your web stats can help you turn your web hosting site into a high traffic goldmine for your hosting business.

New Hosting From LiquidWeb and Fastdomain

Sun, 23 Mar 2008 18:43:00 +0000

We have recently added to new companies to the main web hosting directory here at the CaymanHost.

The first is Liquidweb based on personal recommendation from a customer. Liquidweb offer a wide range of hosting solutions from shared, through VPS and managed dedicated servers. As a quality provider with a reputation for very good customer service their prices tend towards the mid to upper range but in terms of value for money they come highly recommended.

The second of our new hosting partners are Fastdomain who offer shared hosting plans at $6.95 which includes a domain name. Placed right in the competitive heart of pricing, they do offer some big numbers in terms of storage and monthly bandwidth and provide the familiar features of a modern hosting panel - in this case cPanel with Fantastico included. For those in the market for a web hosting solution at less than $10 per month they compare favorably with many of the bigger names and are worthy of consideration. The web site contains a demo function so that potential customers can have a play around with some of the main features before making any firm decisions.

If anyone has any feedback about either company to share with our readers, we would welcome it as always.

Both companies are listed on the main directory page. Remember to subscribe to stay up to date with all our latest hosting news and coupon and discount offers on both web hosting and domain name registration.


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Send me an email ( and I will setup your free account to access the free download area.

thanks. Put in subject: free account - download area.

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I've been with hostican for 6 months now with 99.99% uptime which is tracked by
three 3rd party monitoring systems at 5 minute intervals.

The support is excellent. I've called at all hours including 3am to get a live
person. NONE of their support is outsourced and I have not had to wait more than
60 seconds on hold to get a real, live, not outsourced person to help me.

They use cpanel 11 and are quick about updates. Everything is smooth. website
speed is super fast and i've used 500GB of the 2500GB bandwidth plan with NO
PROBLEMS AT ALL. I've also used 15gb of space. The server remains fast, speedy,
no downtime, and great support.

100% A+ for hostican from me. I do not hesitate to recommend hostican to any one
who needs a host.

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